No. 9: Does Edward Hopper live here?

The coolest apartment building in East Williamsburg is at 182 Graham Ave.

It looks like something out of an Edward Hopper painting, with a mansard roof and haunted-house-style windows. To see its austere grandeur, lift your eyes to the brick facade above the ground floor, which is partly covered with unsightly stone blocks.

The magisterial house was built in 1881 for German-born liquor dealer Louis B. Schuler, according to's inimitable history writer Montrose Morris, AKA Suzanne Spellen.

Schuler became the brother-in-law of one of the neighborhood's brewers, Otto Huber, she wrote.

Since 1996, the imposing building on the corner of Meserole Street has belonged to Port Rich Realty Inc., whose president is Efrain Gerena, city records indicate.

The coolest apartment building in East Williamsburg, looming over the  corner of Graham Avenue and Meserole Street – Photo by Lore Croghan

Old-fashioned windows, like on a haunted house. Photo by Lore  Croghan

The better to see you from, my dear …. big windows on 182 Graham  Ave. apartment building - Photo by Lore Croghan