El Mío Cíd – bring on the flaming dessert

Tapas are for the young and trendy. That's why El Mío Cíd at 50 Starr St. added them to the menu – to draw customers to Ecuadorian immigrant Julio Hugo's restaurant, which serves up the cuisine of Spain.

But if you want to show you know your way around a Spanish menu, order the crema catalana for dessert.

This custard from Catalonia is like French crème brulée – except crema catalana is spiced with citrus peel and cinnamon and is set by chilling it. To thrill it up a bit, the waiter at El Mío Cíd sets the crema catalana aflame before serving it. It's muy linda.

You'll know you've found El Mío Cíd when you see the bullfight scene on the side of the building. Photo by Lore Croghan 

The bar glows at El  Mío Cíd. Photo by Lore Croghan