After a few delays, Coney Island’s Thunderbolt expected to open Friday

The legendary Coney Island roller coaster, the Thunderbolt, will ride again this summer...At some point.

The opening day for the Thunderbolt has been twice delayed already this season, but it is expected to finally open this weekend. It was supposed to open last Friday, but was delayed while construction finishes.

The Brooklyn Eagle was on hand last Friday as it eagerly anticipated its opening, but was disappointed to see the gates shuttered. The good news is that it looked nearly completed and has been spotted since making test runs so the potential opening this weekend seems likely.

It has been named after the original Thunderbolt, which was a wooden roller coaster, that ran from 1925 until 1982 and was made famous in the Woody Allen movie Annie Hall. This modern steel version reaches a top speed of 65 miles per hour, features a 92-degree vertical drop and is 125-feet tall at its highest point. It also has four inversions including a vertical loop, a zero-G roll, an Immelmann loop and a corkscrew across 2,000 feet of track.

The ride was designed by the Italian company Zamperla, made in Italy and transported to Brooklyn by boat. The entire thing cost roughly $10 million, but ticket prices are only $10 per person.

Named after the original Thunderbolt that ran from 1925 until 1982 and was demolished in 2000, this modern steel version sits in its predecessor’s spot between MCU Park and West 15th Street.

The Thunderbolt can be seen from the boardwalk next to the B&B Carrousel and the Parachute Jump.

The Luna 360 is also a new ride at Coney Island this year. It resembles the old Eclipse, but makes a full 360-degree spin in the air.