The fine art of noodle-making on 18th Avenue

There's a fine art to making noodles.

We got to see how the pros do it at Hand Pull Noodle & Dumpling House on 18th Avenue.

Jenny Gao, co-owner of the Bensonhurst Chinese restaurant, allowed us a peek at the proceedings in the kitchen, which involve sure hands and a huge cauldron of hot water to flash-cook the fresh noodles when it's time to eat.

The soup made of pork chop and noodles is popular.

 There is sriracha on the table. Your favorite hot sauce.

Restaurant co-owner Jenny Gao shows off her kitchen at our request.

The broth she is stirring is savory.

Zli Zhen concentrates on making the hand pull noodles.

His moves are so fast.

Another step in the noodle-making.

Getting close to the finish line.

These noodles are looking good now.