Goooooal for Italia … or so they're hoping on 18th Avenue

World Cup fever is a good thing. Just ask 18th Avenue merchant Raffaele Naso.

“If Italy does well, I'll sell them all,” said the co-owner of S.A.S. Italian Records, pointing to soccer shirts, jackets, hats and pennants that fill the store.

Need a souvenir soccer ball? He's got them. Need an Italian flag to hang outside your house so everyone in the neighborhood knows your team allegiance? He's got those too.

The soccer stuff he's stocked is mostly Italian to please his core customers, who come to the shop  in search of music CDs, housewares and keepsakes of all sorts from the Old Country.

Shoppers on Bensonhurst's busy retail corridor who are searching for soccer-themed clothing from other nations can find what they're looking for at the Closeout Store at 6308 18th St.

Need music – or soccer pennants – from the Old Country? The record shop has them.

More soccer gear in the record store.

There is other merchandise that is not soccer-related at the record store. Shop co-owner Raffaele Naso shows off a sauce pot to be reckoned with.

This is an electric tomato strainer, which is sold at the record shop.

Perfect for parties. At S.A.S. Italian Records.

The Closeout Store has soccer-themed shirts galore as well.

Goo-goo-goo-ga-ly eyes … on 18th Avenue.

Housewares with Asian flair on Cristoforo Colombo Boulevard (aka 18th Avenue).

Pretty playthings, also on 18th Avenue.

Another plaything on 18th Avenue.

Sold on 18th Avenue. Do you know what this is without consulting Google? We do. Post the answer in the Comment section below.