PHOTOS: Thousands celebrate Brooklyn color run

Welcome to the world's happiest 5K.

More than 10,000 people were doused in color at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn last Saturday and Sunday as part of "The Happiest 5K On The Planet."

The for-profit run/walk where runners are given white t-shirts and a colorful headband before sending them off to pass through four different stations where they are dusted with blue, purple, green and yellow dyed cornmeal that covers their clothes and, especially, their skin.

After the run is over, participants take part in a huge dance party with DJs pumping EDM songs to keep everyone having fun while they continued to douse each other with color packets that are dispersed throughout the crowd.

“Last year my friends tried to get me to go and I felt like I missed out because I thought it was going to be a serious run,” said Sarah Vaughn, who came in from Long Island for the run. “It's not like that at all. It's just a lot of fun. We had a great time and met some cool people. I’m already looking forward to next year.”

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As soon as that first bit of color hits your skin...oh yeah!

Dusted in the face.

They see me rollin’!

Participants are encouraged to wear tutus.

The race is over, but the fun is just starting. Off to the dance party.

Victory taste like yellow and purple cornmeal.

A very sober, but very fun dance party.

Absolutely covered.

DJ toss packets of color out into the crowd and then instruct everyone to rip them open at the same time.