Brooklyn Speaks: Terry Lundgren, fix our Macy's

Macy's has promised its Fulton Mall location is going to get fixed up. Photos by Lore Croghan

Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Listen up, Terry Lundgren. Fix our Macy's ASAP!

Brooklynites spoke out Wednesday about the retailer CEO's pledge to renovate the Fulton Mall department store, offering plenty of pointers about how to get the job done right.

Now, if he'd just bring back the Macy's Fourth of July fireworks to the East River so they can be a Brooklyn thing again, life would be perfect.

Check out the historic architecture

This may seem like a regular Macy's, but look at the scratches on the ceilings and floors

* “Make it more fun,” said Jerica Collado, 21, a City Tech sophomore from East New York. “Follow more trends. Make it more innovative.”

Collado was on Fulton Mall to shop – at youth-friendly Swedish powerhouse retailer H&M, across the street from Macy's.

“I came to Macy's at Christmas because there were sales. I was buying for other people,” she said.

The people want more innovative trends

* “They should have more brands, like True Religion, and youthful styles,” said Chrissy Gregory, 17, referring to a trendy blue-jeans maker.  

Gregory, who lives nearby, is a Fulton Mall Macy's shopper. Sometimes.

The people want more youthful styles

* “It definitely needs a facelift,” said Alex Munoz, 29, who works just off Fulton Street. “They need to heighten the level of sophistication of the space and the brands.”

If the Macy's were nicer, she would shop there during work breaks. As it is, no way.

“It just looks old and run-down,” she said.

Instead, she shleps to the Herald Square Macy's, whose renovation gets her vote of approval: “It looks beautiful,” she said.

This is what old and run down looks like

* “I go once in a blue – but it's not that appealing,” said Janiris Lao, 25, who works just off Fulton Street.

“The escalator looks old and raggedy. It's the first thing I notice when I go there.

“The whole arrangement really needs a makeover, for sure. It's very clustered.”

This escalator's got to go

* “Put Gucci and Looie in here, like on 34th Street,” said Kevin Myers, 50, who was making a rare visit to the Fulton Street Macy's. Looie, of course, is luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton.

“I almost never shop here. I go to Macy's Herald Square,” he said.

* “We'd like more of a plus-size selection,” said an over-30 Fulton Mall Macy's shopper who didn't want to give her name.

“And more cashiers,” she said. “The lines can be quite long.

“And better ventilation. You spend less time shopping because it's so warm

“It should look more like the 34th Street store.”

* Workers at the Fulton Mall Macy's were thrilled to hear of Lundgren's makeover plan for their store.

“We're very excited,” a sales clerk said. “It will bring more customers.

“They're remodeling all over Fulton Street. If we don't keep up with the competition, they're gonna knock us down.”

A relic from the good-ole days

The Fulton Mall Macy's needs more areas like this one


February 26, 2014 - 3:00pm



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