Brooklyn Today for April 3

Good morning. Today is the 93rd day of the year. On this day in 1888, the move inland of the Brighton Beach Hotel began. The hotel, at that time the centerpiece of the Brighton Beach resort area, was built in 1878, but a series of storms threatened to swamp the hotel. The move was accomplished by placing railroad track and 112 railroad flatcars under the building, then using six locomotives to pull it. It took nine days to complete the job, which was the largest building move of the 19th century.

Well-known people who were born today include actor Alec Baldwin (“30 Rock,” “The Hunt for Red October”), actress and singer Doris Day (“Young at Heart,” “Pillow Talk”), anthropologist Jane Goodall, signer Leona Lewis, comedian Eddie Murphy ("Beverly Hills Cop,” “Dreamgirls.”) and signer Wayne Newton (“Danke Schoen,” ‘Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast”).