Brooklyn Today: Oct. 22, 2012

Good morning. Today is the 296th day of the year. Although scholars say the first organized baseball game for which records were kept was played in Hoboken in 1846, older versions of the game were played much earlier, and Brooklyn was no exception. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle of Oct. 22, 1894, in an article titled “Base Ball in Old Brooklyn,” quoted the reminiscences of Col. John Oakley, who remembered playing “three base ball” at Erasmus Hall in the late 1830s. The players were called pitchers, catchers, outers (probably outfielders) and binders (probably infielders). “In order to put a boy out, it was necessary to strike him with the ball,” Oakley remembered.

Well-known people who were born today include Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, actor Jeff Goldblum (“The Big Chill,” ‘the Fly,” “Jurassic Park”), signer-actress Annette Funicello (“Mickey Mouse Club,” Beach Party movies) and actor Christopher Lloyd (“Taxi”).