Brooklyn Was All Over the Super Bowl

Compiled by Mary Frost

* After Sunday’s stunning New York Giants Super Bowl victory, fans started “an all-out dance party” at the Salty Dog Bar in Bay Ridge that spilled out onto Bay Ridge Parkway and Third Avenue, the New York Daily News reported. ”Police cars circled the block but couldn’t stop the elated fans from blocking traffic.”

* Brooklyn musicians (along with 10,000 other Twitter users per second) tweeted their Super Bowl reactions, reports Busta Rhymes posted a photo of the “Giants Victory Pose Face that I’m giving to fans of the Patriots!” Brooklyn rapper Papoose tweeted, “Was with Bradshaw the other day and he told me he was goin all da way.” Meanwhile, film director Spike Lee tweeted an on-field photo from the game.

* Brooklyn in the Super Bowl commercials: Blogger Brooklyn Vegan asks, “Did you catch that map of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in the Samsung commercial for their Galaxy (with stylus!)? You know, the one that had a sweet use of The Darkness jam 'I Believe In A Thing Called Love'? Yeah, it was there and showed a close up of Berry and N. 1st in Google Maps." And Marvel Studios debuted a new trailer for the summer's “Avengers,” featuring beloved Brooklyn boy Captain America — reputedly a Giants fan, says MTV.

* Meanwhile, if you want to go to the ticker-tape parade Tuesday, check out the road and subway restrictions here. (Note: You can’t get there from the Brooklyn Bridge.)