Citizen Kane's Bay Ridge Beat: February 9, 2012

By Friends of Tom Kane

Bay Ridge Storms Indianapolis … What a memorable Super Bowl it was for Giants’ fans everywhere! Just six weeks ago, it seemed as if a victory over the Jets might be the only consolation to a season that ended in disappointment. A funny thing happened (one of Tom Kane’s greatest roles, by the way) on the way to dejection and despair. The receivers got hot, Eli got hotter, the defense got healthy and the bandwagon, now “Standing Room Only,” headed to Indy to humiliate Brady and Belichick once again.

Three of those diehards who made the trip, Rob Oliva, Pat Savage and Danielle Jabour, have bled Giants’ Blue for their entire lives. While they didn’t go together, they were connected in their love for Big Blue and their dedication to see things through to a title.

For Oliva, the week was full of surprises.

“I never thought I’d ever go to Indianapolis — never thought I’d be eating sushi in Indianapolis, either,” he said.Pat Savage hoists the Lombardi Trophy in Indianapolis.

It was a whirlwind weekend, as he hung with celebrities ranging in status from Subway’s Jared to Shaquille O’Neal.

Come Sunday, though, it was all business and our boy was taking no chances. When we checked in with him, he didn’t have time to talk.

“Sorry, on my way to church to get the Super Bowl tickets blessed,” he said.

Don’t know who that priest was, but he certainly had God’s ear.

“Manning to Manningham ... Bradshaw for the score ... Sack by Tuck ... A night I will remember for the rest of my life,” Oliva recapped. “Can’t wipe the smile off of my face! New York Giants, Super Bowl Champions!”

Savage enjoyed a weekend that was just as incredible. Like Oliva, he drove out to Indy. Sadly, however, his famous Big Blue Giants’ bus stayed home in New York.

“On the advice of everyone, I decided not to drive the Blue Bus to Indy. Although it would’ve been a big hit, the thought of it breaking down on route 70 West and missing the game eventually convinced me to leave it home.”  

Well, it might have been a big hit, but Savage didn’t do too bad himself, making a cameo appearance on Conan O’Brien’s late night show on TBS. Seems an interviewer dispatched by the show immediately recognized that the handsome guy in the Jim Burt jersey (or is it John Mendenhall, Pat?) was someone whose opinion he needed to have.

We were especially grateful to Pat for posting a video of the last play to his Facebook page. Had to laugh at the chorus of “Oh, NO!” as Brady’s Hail Mary pass was in the air. The pandemonium that broke out seconds later was priceless.

Both guys took part in the celebration: Oliva at City Hall and Savage at MetLife Stadium.

Robbie was still on a high as the parade made its way though lower Manhattan.

“Things couldn’t get any better! I’m standing in front of City Hall for the Celebration. GO BLUE!” he gushed.

Celebrating with his son Patrick, Pat was beaming.

“What a great trip. Indy gets my vote to host every Super Bowl. New York and New Jersey have their work cut out for them in two years,” he said.

Jabour, who shared her story of Giants’ fandom with the Eagle last week, was just as excited to be there in Indy and, even though it wasn’t her first Super Bowl, it was certainly the first time she got to see Big Blue on the NFL’s biggest stage.

“Going to see the Giants play in the Super Bowl was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The only thing that could possibly be better was that they WON!” she said.

Jabour, like the boys, sampled much of what Indy had to offer.

“The events leading up to the game were amazing,” she reported. “Some highlights of our weekend were seeing performances by Katy Perry, Steven Tyler, The Fray and Lenny Kravitz, mingling with some NFL players, ziplining over the city, watching a celebrity football game on a manmade beach, and going to the best tailgate party ever imaginable, hosted by the NFL, that included face painting, nail painting, photo booths, live broadcasting from NBC news, table after table of delicious foods and desserts, and so much more!”

Wow, Danielle, we’re surprised you decided to come home at all. It sounds like you discovered a football fan’s paradise! Glad to have you back, though, and thanks for sharing!

* * *

Picks of the Week … Our song of the week is, obviously, Queen’s “We Are the Champions.”  Our book of the week is Tom Coughlin’s A Team To Believe In. Look for the sequel in a few months. Finally, our movie of the week, in honor of Brady and Belichick, is The Departed.

* * *

Goodnight, everybody!Members of Rob Oliva’s traveling party pose just before Super Bowl XLVI.

February 9, 2012 - 11:52am



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