DUMBO Arts Festival: Arts from many cultures, and zany fun

Art in its myriad forms took over DUMBO’s streets, garages, galleries and studios this weekend at the DUMBO Arts Festival, and thousands visited the neighborhood to take in the sights and sounds.

Arts from different cultures mixed in the streets, while video, musical performances and poetry readings filled the Manhattan Bridge Archway and Plaza. The Ship of Tolerance anchored in the harbor, StoryCorp’s trailer collected attendees’ stories, a joyous Bubbles of Hope procession spilled over the entire neighborhood, and local artists opened their seldom-seen studios to the public.

Bubbles of Hope spilling over chairs and tables in the Manhattan Bridge Archway.

A bubble child rides his bubble dad’s shoulders.

A giant bubble party was held in the Tobacco Warehouse.

Kyle Goen's installation "Who's Chelsea Manning," hung over Walter Street. The piece consisted of 1600 transparent colored flags which when viewed together from a distance showed the face of military whistle-blower Chelsea Manning.

Children made their own clay figures to interact with those made by the artist, who took photos of the scene.

An interior installation “Meadowlands Picaresque” by Bryan Zanisnik.

Kids went crazy over the “Type a Letter Project,” which allowed them to type actual letters on real typewriters.