Markowitz honors good samaritan who returned dognapped spaniel

Borough President Marty Markowitz will issue a citation on Thursday commending Tena Cohen, a Spanish teacher at Brooklyn Tech in Fort Greene, who was able to return Marley — a Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dognapping victim — to her owner, seven-year-old Mia Bendrat.

Cohen, a dog owner and astute New Yorker, noticed a man trying to sell the stolen dog on the street in Manhattan. Thinking that it was suspicious and that the dog was likely stolen, Cohen paid $220 out of her own pocket. After first contacting the police, who eventually arrested the suspected dognapper, Cohen took the pooch to the vet and contacted Cavalier Dog Rescue.

Mia and Marley were reunited shortly thereafter. Tena will be joined at Borough Hall by Mia, Mia’s mother Angie Estrada and, of course, Marley.