Prospect Park’s legendary ‘Ghost Dog’ up for adoption

The “Ghost Dog” of Prospect Park – a nearly mythical creature -- is up for adoption.

The five-year-old dog –- a gorgeous, hulking brown mastiff -- survived on its own for four years in Prospect Park, seen in such fleeting glimpses it earned the title Ghost Dog in blogs like Brownstoner and Kensington BK, news stories and local lore.

The gentle 109-pound giant was finally captured last May by Sean Casey, owner of the Sean Casey Animal Rescue (SCAR) group in Kensington.

On SCAR’s Facebook page, Casey explains that locals had been contacting the rescue group for years but “no one was ever able to get close enough or form a bond of trust with him. It seemed that Ghost Dog was happy living in Prospect Park. He romped with the dogs during off-leash hours, always being careful to stay far enough away from humans, and he always appeared to be in good health.”

Earlier this year, however, Casey said Ghost Dog seemed to be having some difficulty walking and that people were even able to get close enough to him to feed him. “Early one morning in May a group of SCAR team members entered Prospect Park to save him and the rest is history… Ghost Dog, the elusive Cane Corso who had been avoiding people for so long, was now rescued.”

Vets at Pet Haven evaluated Ghost Dog, Casey said, and he was found to have Lyme disease. After he completed treatment, he was transferred to SCAR’s Sunset Park facility. “A select group of experienced dog trainers came in to socialize him and take him for walks,” Casey said. “At first he was very skeptical but he slowly came around and began to look for human attention.”

Now Ghost Dog is being offered to a good home. He’ll need a strong and experienced owner, Casey notes.

“Although he is still nervous going outside, he now enjoys going for walks and we expect that he will continue to improve. Ghost Dog is very strong and his new guardian will need to be physically capable of handling him as well as emotionally capable of training him.”

More than 650 people have “liked” Ghost Dog on SCAR’s Facebook page. Interest in the animal has been so high Casey is pleading with people not to show up without an appointment.

If you feel you can provide for Ghost Dog email [email protected].