Running on Real Estate for July 17

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Buying and selling a home is a big deal. It's stressful, it's complicated and it's all consuming. That's where we come in. Trained, experienced and presumably talented, real estate professionals serve a vital role in the transaction. Whether we represent the buyer or the seller, or even a renter, our responsibility is to advocate on our client's behalf. Even though we serve to make the entire process as simple and successful as possible, taking the burden of work off our clients' shoulders, there's another point of view.

The reality of the situation is this: Many people still believe they don't need a real estate expert to guide them through buying and selling, or even renting, a home. With so much information easily accessible on- and off-line, they feel they can go it alone. That's tricky. Sure, you can save a few bucks on brokers' commissions, but why take the risk on such an important transaction? There is no need. We're lining up to be of service. In New York, there are more licensed real estate pros than available inventory. To be exact, there are nearly 50,000 of us (brokers and salespeople) in all five boroughs combined.

For most people, buying a home is the biggest purchase they will make in a lifetime. This emotional and detailed process requires professional assistance. Same goes for selling a home. Renting is different, but it still helps to be represented by a real estate pro to find the right apartment and negotiate the right agreement. We are here to help. We want to help.

There are informative websites that help consumers better understand how to engage in real estate transactions, but the knowledge is limited. Navigating through the entire buying or selling process is not for everyone. There are just certain things we should always avoid doing for ourselves. This list would include cutting our own hair, filling our own cavities, and selling our own home (unless you are licensed).

Realtors provide a special service that involves something very personal to our clients – their home. We help them find a new home and move on from a current home. It's so much more than an apartment or brownstone; it's all about where they call home. It's where families are started and journey through life. It's where friends come together. It's where moments are remembered and magic happens.

So who really wants to negotiate a contract when the fine print is beyond their expertise? Who do you call when things go off track and there is a problem with an inspection? When the "For Sale By Owner" sign is up, the answer is no one. When working with a real estate professional, you call us. That's why we are here- to take the stress and complications off of you, so you don't have to worry. We do that for you. Let us be of service.

On the Run

Location, location, location. Stating the obvious here when it comes to defining the best real estate, but this also applies to summer events. Picnic on the lawn, barbecue at the waterfront, or concert in the park- it’s still about the same three "L's." On any good-weather summer weekend or holiday, you've got to compete for location. Just like finding an apartment in Brooklyn, you've got to get there early to find the best place to call home – whether for a one year lease, the rest of your life, or a sunny day. Even more-so if you want a big view. Picnicking and real estate require swift action once you find what you like with the amenities you need. Any hesitation, and an opportunity can be lost. My fourth of July festivities included arriving early to stake claim to grassy real estate for the day, which included the big fireworks view, amenities and location, location, location.

Karen Monroe practices real estate at Coldwell Banker Bellmarc Realty at the Gramercy Chelsea office at 48 West 22nd Street. She lives and represents buyers, sellers and renters in Brooklyn Heights. Karen can be found walking her dogs and running the parks, paths, streets and b ridges of Brooklyn and beyond. For feedback and all of your real estate needs, contact Karen at


July 17, 2013 - 12:30pm



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