Soliciting Senior Votes, 1968

Running in a congressional primary in 1968, Peter Eikenberry of Brooklyn Heights could be seen campaigning on the Heights Promenade. A Democratic reformer and protégé of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, Eikenbery lost a primary fight to a more established candidate, who in turn lost to the 26-year incumbent, party regular John Rooney. In 1970 Eikenberry tried again, on the way getting a supporting speech from Dustin Hoffman at the Heights home of Bob and Martha Rubin. This time he won the reform nomination and had the editorial support of the New York Times and help from the growing anti-Vietnam War sentiment, but once again Rooney prevailed, if narrowly, in the general election. After that Eikenberry retired from politics. A practicing attorney, he still lives in the Heights with his wife Sue. They have three children.