South Slope Harbors Secret, Men-Only Nude Yoga Studio

Brooklyn men who get an occasional urge to strip down to nothing and practice an ancient meditation ritual in the hospitable presence of other nude men finally have an outlet. Michael Gates, a South Slope yoga studio owner, now offers an all-male nude yoga class, according to the Daily News.
The secret studio, called Naked Space, usually hosts about six men at its 90-minute, Tuesday-night nude classes, according to the News.
"Our clothes are costumes and armor," Gates, 44, told the News. "Naked yoga is an interesting metaphor for letting go of the B.S."
And according to the studio’s website, there are also more practical benefits to a nude class: “The instruction and practice of yoga without clothes reveals a wealth of information about the alignment of both teacher and student, which is otherwise hidden from view.”
Interested yogis have to email the studio through its website to get the location, because Gates wants to discourage practice-crashers who might have ulterior motives to attend a nude yoga class.
As far as why the class only caters to men, Gates told the News that he used to offer co-ed nude classes but he found that “they were attended 98 percent by men.”
The Naked Space website offers sensible advice about what a yogi should do in the event that he experiences extra-spiritual arousal during a practice: “Congratulate yourself for having a healthy reproductive system.”

March 16, 2012 - 4:39pm



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