TAKE YOUR BIRTHER SUIT AND SHOVE IT! Judge Schack slams anti-Obama conspiracy nut and makes him pay

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Arthur Schack has ordered high fees for an outrageous lawsuit filed against the New York Board of Elections, President Barack Obama, and every conceivable high-ranking member of the Democratic and Republican parties for allegedly partaking in a conspiracy to elect an ineligible president.

In 2011, Christopher Earl Strunk filed a claim in Brooklyn’s Supreme Court, stating that the above-mentioned parties attempted to “defraud the American people and usurp control of the Presidency in 2008.”  

A self-described “birther,” a conspiracy theorist who believes that President Obama was not born in the United States and is therefore ineligible to run for and serve as president of the U.S., Strunk has repeatedly filed lawsuits arguing his birther beliefs and demanding President Obama’s removal from office.

Over the past few years, Strunk has filed at least 20 lawsuits, practically all of which have been dismissed. Having already been faced with one of Strunk’s complaints that “weaves the occasional true but irrelevant fact into … [a] rambling stream of consciousness,” Schack found Strunk’s most recent suit a “rambling, forty-five page prolix complaint, with its irrelevant, scatter-shot morass of alleged historical references… and extensive political rant [that] fails to plead his alleged causes of action.”

Known for decisions rife with colorful language, Schack, unsurprisingly, found that Strunk’s lawsuit, “with its fanciful, fantastic, delusional, irrational and baseless claims about defendants,” to be “frivolous.”

Schack, therefore, enjoined Strunk from filing any further claims against the above-mentioned parties, stating “pro se litigants who abuse judicial process have had their access to the courts limited.”

Putting a cap on Strunk’s frivolous filings was not deemed enough of a deterrent.  Schack most recently held that Strunk must pay $167,707 in attorney fees plus a $10,000 sanction.

In light of Schack’s imposition of more than $177,707 in sanctions and fees, Strunk reportedly stated, "I’m going to have this thing overturned, and I’m not going to pay a dime."