MILESTONES: September 26, birthdays for Serena Williams, Christina Milian, Olivia Newton-John

Allied Forces Make Headway; Brooklyn Jurist Willing to Be Drafted: On this day in 1918, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle front page reported on several Allied fronts during World War I. French and American troops struck Champagne — a province in northeastern France — driving back the Germans. … Full Article

MILESTONES: September 25, birthdays for Mark Hamill, Barbara Walters, Scottie Pippen

On this day in 1935, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle front page reported that Ethiopian troops closed the country’s border with Eritrea, forbidding trade. … Full Article

MILESTONES: September 21, birthdays for Stephen King, Nicole Richie, Faith Hill

On this day in 1938, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle front page reported that Czechoslovakia had ceded to Hitler’s demand for partitioning the land, and surrendered Slovakia to Nazi forces, after “irresistible pressure” from Great Britain and France to do so. Czechoslovakia ceased to exist at 6:55 p.m. … Full Article

MILESTONES: September 20, birthdays for George R.R. Martin, Jon Bernthal, John Tavares

On this day in 1928, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle front page reported that a strong gale had hit Brooklyn, with photos showing citizens braving the winds and flooding, at Borough Hall and around Flatbush. **** … Full Article

MILESTONES: September 19, birthdays for Jimmy Fallon, Soledad O'Brien, Alison Sweeney

NOTABLE PEOPLE born on this day include former baseball player Jim Abbott, who was born in 1967; talk show host, comedian and actor Jimmy Fallon, who was born in Brooklyn in 1974; actor and director Kevin Hooks … Full Article

MILESTONES: September 18, birthdays for Lance Armstrong, Jada Pinkett Smith, Aisha Tyler

Greetings, Brooklyn. Today is the 261st day of the year. **** … Full Article

MILESTONES: September 15, birthdays for Heidi Montag, Dan Marino, Oliver Stone

On this day in 1919, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle front page reported that debate began in the U.S. Senate on the German Peace Treaty. … Full Article

MILESTONES: September 14, birthdays for Nas, Logan Henderson, Dmitry Medvedev

On this day in 1941, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle front page reported that the American steamship Arkansan had been bombed in the Suez Canal, a man-made waterway connecting the Red and Mediterranean seas. … Full Article

MILESTONES: September 13, birthdays for Tyler Perry, Niall Horan, Stella McCartney

On this day in 1933, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle front page reported that 254,000 people were in line for the National Recovery Administration (NRA) parade in New York City. … Full Article

MILESTONES: September 12, birthdays for Jennifer Hudson, Yao Ming, Emmy Rossum

On this day in 1937, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle front page reported that then-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt pledged peace to an American citizenry skittish about developments in Europe … NYC election primary results had popular mayoral incumbent Fiorello H. … Full Article


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