OPINION: Milk on foreign soil, memories of a cruel Cuban dictatorship

When one thinks of Cuba, Guantanamo Bay often comes to mind.  The Bay of Pigs, The Cuban Missile Crisis, President John F. Kennedy — his presidency frozen in time by his tragic untimely death — and for the Cuban people, the most significant issue of their lifetime never fully resolved. … Full Article

OPINION: The facts about immigration

The politicization of undocumented workers in our country is a social issue that demands our attention and needs a solution. But it cannot be solved without addressing the xenophobic tendencies that lay below the veneer of even just societies. … Full Article

OPINION: Will gendered children’s clothing soon be a thing of the past?

Are pink T-shirts for boys or girls? Is there a gender-neutral sartorial option? … Full Article

OPINION: Late-night comedians on Trump & Clinton

This presidential campaign is the nuttiest in my lifetime, but at least America is maintaining its sense of humor. Already the Republican Convention has produced gaffes involving plagiarism that leave us asking if the slogan should be changed: … Full Article

OPINION: Could Google sway the presidential election?

Google wants Americans to be more involved in the 2016 election. And it’s optimizing its search engine to make sure they are. … Full Article

OPINION: From Brooklyn to Philly, the clean energy revolution

Brooklyn residents will join thousands of people heading to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. But they’re not going as party delegates. They’re joining the March for a Clean Energy Revolution. … Full Article

OPINION: America’s New York State of Mind

New York, long the center of media, fashion and finance, is used to being a political afterthought. We are generally ignored during presidential elections and our government officials rarely obtain national power. … Full Article

OPINION: Why we must assault assault rifles

I’ve lost a brother to gun violence and I also have a brother who is gay. Every act of gun violence is personal to me as it should be to all of us.  … Full Article

Howe's Brooklyn: Guns: Ugly truths, ugly questions

On the most basic human level, when the life of a loved one is lost, the degree of gun technology used may not be the first question that hits those who have suffered the loss. … Full Article


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