Whether you still prefer to hold a printed newspaper in your hands or have become comfortable reading news on a screen, you should hope that the essential journalism remains the same. … Full Article

OPINION: New Year’s Resolutions have a tragic history

If your New Years resolutions crash and burn, dont despair. … Full Article

OPINION: Fear of gun incidents; They empty malls, but can they help gun control arguments?

A number of post-Christmas incidents involving reported gun threats might become an effective tool — even though some of the reports were false — in illustrating to legislators the growing fear of guns in a society that has yet to figure out how to control the safety factors. … Full Article

OPINION: End heroin’s devastation in 2017

I didn’t know the young man well — I’d hired him to do some handyman work around my house — but it was awfully unpleasant to learn that he died at 24 with a needle in his arm. … Full Article

OPINION: Finding alternatives to solitary confinement

The practice goes by many names: Restrictive housing, administrative segregation, secure housing, lockdown or, more informally, being put into “the hole.” Most people would recognize it as “solitary confinement” — placing prisoners alone in small cells with little or no human contact 22 or  … Full Article

OPINION: The push to help 50,000 more low-income students get degrees

On paper, Jorge Salcedo looked like a great candidate for a highly selective college. But, like many of his high school friends in Fishers, Indiana, he assumed he’d be attending the local community college. That’s what his Mexican-immigrant parents could afford. … Full Article

OPINION: Will a Tesla rival win the race to offer self-driving cars?

An upstart electric carmaker plans to release by late 2018 a luxury sedan capable of reaching 400 miles on a single charge and driving itself. … Full Article

OPINION: Ivanka Trump, a First Daughter with the office of First Lady?

Ivanka Trump is expected to play a prominent role in the White House, as incoming first lady Melania Trump plans to live at home in New York City while her 10-year-old son remains in school. … Full Article

Brooklyn Queens Connector: To build a trolley, or not

Knicks Player, Red Hook Native Carmelo Anthony Endorses BQX … Full Article

OPINION: Winning the war of ideas

An honest idea quietly delivered can seem wimpy. No cinematic superhero, to my knowledge, vanquishes villains with a well-reasoned argument. … Full Article

OPINION: Surgeon General says e-cigarettes risk 'moving backward' on teen smoking

On Thursday, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy recommended that electronic cigarettes be incorporated into existing tax and marketing policies designed to prevent young people from smoking traditional cigarettes. … Full Article


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