OPINION: Bite the bullet, start the rebuilding of the BQE now

We feel for the people who live in the luxury homes that line the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. If the proposed plan to repair the Brooklyn Queens Expressway goes forward, their lives will be disrupted for as long as six years. Some may have to temporarily relocate. … Full Article

OPINION: After $27.5M settlement, what comes next for Brooklyn and Queens Catholics?

The nightmare of sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Church has come home to Catholics in Brooklyn and Queens. … Full Article

OPINION: New York democrats may be ready for change, but still back Cuomo

There is little doubt that anyone, even Cynthia Nixon, was greatly surprised by the incumbent Andrew Cuomo’s landslide victory in Thursday’s Democratic Primary. … Full Article

OPINION: Why you SHOULD vote today

There are a number of local election races today, and many voters will not participate. This is an accurate -- but sad -- truth. Many voters are disgusted by partisan politics, messages, and policies. The shouts for change are louder than ever, but the only key to change is you, the voter. … Full Article

OPINION: City calling a truce in the war against pot, beginning a war against fake pot

It is at least ironic that while the offices of the District Attorneys in Brooklyn and Queens and the courts are looking for ways to decriminalize the use and sale of marijuana, the same offices are searching for ways to deal with the synthetic replacement of marijuana which has proved to be far  … Full Article

OPINION: On 9/11, ‘The World Hears You’ once again

Amid the hate, division and anger that plagues the country, the memory of 9/11 and of those who died still manages to unite and inspire New Yorkers. … Full Article

OPINION: Environmental concerns outweigh desire for cheaper natural gas

Hats off to New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, who is leading the opposition to the Williams Northeast Supply Enhancement pipeline. … Full Article

OPINION: New park a fitting tribute to Shirley Chisholm

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision, announced this week, to name the state park currently under construction in Brooklyn in honor of the late U.S. Rep. Shirley Chisholm is welcome news. … Full Article

OPINION: Meghan McCain: ‘America was always great’

The deeply moving funeral service held last Saturday at the Washington National Cathedral was a badly needed shot in the arm for a deeply and bitterly divided nation. … Full Article

OPINION: Is there hope for solving NYC’s mass transit woes?

Who is to blame for the endless problems in the city’s mass transit system, from the ceiling collapses at the Borough Hall subway station in Brooklyn, to the Second Avenue subway line that was completed four years late, to overcrowded subway platforms, delays and repeated failures to notify … Full Article


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