Politics, in one sense, is actually pretty easy to figure out. Looking at all the upheaval in Western democracies, one might ask: What’s going on? … Full Article

OPINION: For homeless children, ‘back to school’ brings fresh challenges

Across New York City, 1.1 million children are anxious for their first day of school.  Many are thinking about who their new teachers will be, which other kids will be in their class, what they will wear on that first morning, and how much homework they will face.  … Full Article

OPINION: Emergency preparedness and lessons about service

We have had many reminders about the importance of emergency preparedness over the last few days: neighborhood fires here in Brooklyn, the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, terror attacks in Spain, and the upcoming anniversaries of September 11 and Hurricane Sandy. … Full Article

Brooklyn Growing Rapidly: The need for a modernized emergency department at The Brooklyn Hospital Center

The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC) recently received a $25 million Statewide Health Care Facility Transformation Program grant award from the New York State Department of Health to modernize our Emergency Department (ED) facilities and improve access to quality care. … Full Article

OPINION: It’s time to stop circling the block, here’s my plan to solve the parking crisis

If there’s one thing that the people of Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bath Beach, and Bensonhurst accept as an inevitable fact of life, it’s the lack of parking spots.  But we don’t have to settle.  It doesn’t have to be this way. … Full Article

OPINION: To solve truck woes, infrastructure upgrades are a must

The late Leslie Lewis, longtime president of the 84th Precinct Community Council, which represents Brooklyn Heights, Downtown, DUMBO and Boerum Hill, was a fervent foe of truck drivers who violated regulations while driving through the area.  … Full Article

OPINION: Bottle and can collecting is more than a nuisance and it’s time to address it

Since announcing my run for City Council, I have met and had lengthy conversations with countless neighbors of mine who live in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bath Beach and Bensonhurst and one issue keeps coming up over and over again in every neighborhood.   … Full Article

Turf War: Bringing bikes into road system laid out in stone two centuries ago

Over the last decade, our civic leaders have been attempting to change the way we move. By offering alternate methods of transportation, they hope to build a stronger, more diverse region that is less reliant on one method of conveyance. … Full Article

OPINION: Why do they keep knocking on our doors?

They come to our neighborhoods in a van, or other times in cars. They spread out across the blocks and, one by one, they knock on doors. Or they call. And call. And call. They knock on our door and call when we are eating or sleeping, or trying to spend time with our family. … Full Article

OPINION: Trucks: Can’t live with them, can’t live without them in NYC

Each day, hundreds of thousands of trucks move throughout our region. Vital to our lives, these vehicles carry almost all the goods that our region consumes. However, in the execution of their myriad duties, they crowd our roads, adding to the mayhem that is our infrastructure. … Full Article


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