Like generations of American children before me and most likely after me, I met Atticus in the “tired old town” of Maycomb, Alabama, through a required reading assignment. … Full Article

OPINION: The Alternate States of America

We, in America, have been living in alternate states of reality for quite some time. They are neither red or blue. They are states of consciousness and perception. … Full Article

OPINION: Can you survive without reading these 21 books?

According to USA Today, GQ magazine has ignited a firestorm on social media by publishing an article titled "21 Books You Don't Have To Read." … Full Article

OPINION: Trump zombies

The followers of Donald Trump are many things. Loyal, rabid, focused, committed, single-minded, self-righteous, rabid, and oblivious. And rabid. Many folks have gone so far as to call them zombies. "Truuuump. … Full Article

OPINION: Facebook knows what about me?

A chat window opened on my computer screen. A Facebook "friend" I didn't know began communicating with me. "Happy birthday, Tom!" wrote the woman. "Who told you it was my birthday?" I wrote back. … Full Article

OPINION: No, I don't hate conservatives, I disagree with them

Not too long ago, an anonymous commenter on one of my columns concluded that I took my stance on a particular issue because I "hate conservatives."

A couple of days later, a progressive friend wh … Full Article

OPINION: Wishy-washy White House

From the moment he took office, President Donald Trump has repeatedly experienced buyer's remorse. … Full Article

OPINION: Should we lower the voting age to 16?

According to NBC News, the majority of the Washington, D.C., council as well as the mayor and the "Washington Post" are pushing a bill that would make the District of Columbia the first place in the nation to allow people as young as 16 to vote in federal elections (including presidential r … Full Article

OPINION: Storm clouds gather around Team Trump

You don't need a weatherman to see that the storm clouds gathering around Team Trump are serious. … Full Article


The tax season is upon us. I'm no CPA, but let me offer advice and consolation to my fellow taxpayers.  … Full Article

OPINION: Crackdown on Facebook would be good, for Facebook

From the moment Mark Zuckerberg began to read his opening statement, you knew he wasn't going to change Facebook.

Clueless politicians made it clear they didn't understand Facebook, so members of … Full Article


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