OPINION: An opportunity for our youth to join public service

We often hear about the apathy of our youth in government and politics. Indeed, those between 18 and 25 years old vote the least among any other age group. … Full Article

OPINION: On raising the federal minimum wage

Consider this: you want to provide medicine, food and education for your children, but you also don’t want to suffer from the physical toll of grueling housekeeping work as your third job. This dichotomy is forced upon millions of Americans each and every day.  … Full Article

OPINION: The black, white and pink elephants in the room

I tried to be white, once. I’m biracial (Italian-American and black) so, genetically I was already half way there. In a perfect world, I would be accepted as biracial. But America’s incessant need for mutually exclusive categories has inevitably made me black. During the Jim Crow era, Ameri … Full Article

OPINION: Impending closure of Prospect Park Residence is a terrible tragedy

The fracas over the move by owner Haysha Deitsch to evict the remaining elderly residents from the Prospect Park Residence so that the building can then be converted to condominiums is an unpleasant reminder of how “iffy” the state of health care is in Brooklyn today. … Full Article

Letter to the Editor: A call for trespasser responsibility legislation

We applaud Senator Squadron, Assemblyman Lentol, and Borough President Adams on their call for steeper penalties for trespassing at New York’s landmarks and infrastructure projects ( … Full Article

OPINION: Brooklyn Bridge climbers should try the ‘Gunks’ instead

As this article is being written, a 23-year-old French tourist has been arrested for climbing over a fence on the Brooklyn Bridge’s pedestrian walkway, then shimmying up one of the bridge’s cables to take a photo. … Full Article

OPINION: Another vanishing Brooklyn vista

There are three great sights that visitors to New York City most often seek out: the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge, which accommodates about 1.5 million walkers annually.  … Full Article

OPINION: Modest proposal to cure NYC’s growing traffic woes

Traffic in NYC is a problem that will only get worse. The reason, says the old curmudgeon, Henry Pierrepont, is the laziness and selfishness that resides in the human brain. He writes as follows: … Full Article

OPINION: Same-day registration boosts voter turnout

By the time the dust settles on the 2014 election and all the final absentee ballots drift in, New York state will most likely assume its regular place near the bottom of the nation's voter-turnout lists. … Full Article


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