OPINION: A response to Cuomo’s state budget plans

The finish line for the state budget is slated for April 1.  In order to meet that deadline, the N.Y. … Full Article

OPINION: Let’s celebrate Women’s History Month and work to achieve full equality

With March marking Women’s History Month, it provides the opportunity to reflect upon the strides made by women past and present and the progress still to be made on the path to equality. For example, even in the year 2015, many women still don’t earn equal pay for equal work. … Full Article

OPINION: Consumers deserve to know what’s on their dinner plates

Every day we are confronted with the choice of what to feed ourselves and our families. We try to make decisions based on the information available for the food products we are buying. … Full Article

OPINION: Engendering passion in our political climate

I thought about the night she died and I wondered if there was anyone else thinking of her, too. … Full Article

OPINION: Before Mayor de Blasio goes to work at City Hall, he works out at Prospect Park Y

Some mornings when I approach the entrance of the Prospect Park YMCA on 9th Street in Brooklyn, there are tell-tale signs that the mayor is inside. It could be the black SUVs out front or the small entourage of plainclothes policemen and policewomen huddling outside the entrance. … Full Article

OPINION: Happy birthday, Mr. Lincoln

Lincoln’s birthday is upon us. And with a reluctant, but free-spending captain at the helm of the free world’s flagship, we are reminded how sorely we miss Lincoln’s genuine strength of character, bold sense of purpose and lifelong passion for defending American values and ideals. … Full Article

OPINION: Leave our DACA program alone

In 2012, I sat in my room alone and listened to President Barack Obama announce a program that would change my life: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). … Full Article

OPINION: What are you, a girl?

I’m on a supermarket checkout line, standing behind a man of perhaps 35 and, I assume, his son, who appears to be about 6. The little boy is not happy. Actually, he’s crying — not sniffling, not wailing — just audibly crying. … Full Article

Letter to the Editor: Brooklyn sex offender gets light sentence

This letter was written in response to John Marzulli’s article titled, “Brooklyn Sex Offender Gets Light Sentence for Molesting Eight Victims as Judge Sympathizes with his Mental Illness,”  published in the New York Daily News on Jan. 7, 2015. … Full Article

OPINION: Today Paris, tomorrow the world, extreme political correctness is lethal

Despite the obvious nature of last week’s terror attacks in Paris, it took quite some time before the media even felt comfortable calling the attackers terrorists. … Full Article


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