Every day we are confronted with the choice of what to feed ourselves and our families. We try to make decisions based on the information available for the food products we are buying. … Full Article

OPINION: Brooklyn Bridge climbers should try the ‘Gunks’ instead

As this article is being written, a 23-year-old French tourist has been arrested for climbing over a fence on the Brooklyn Bridge’s pedestrian walkway, then shimmying up one of the bridge’s cables to take a photo. … Full Article

OPINION: Another vanishing Brooklyn vista

There are three great sights that visitors to New York City most often seek out: the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge, which accommodates about 1.5 million walkers annually.  … Full Article

OPINION: Modest proposal to cure NYC’s growing traffic woes

Traffic in NYC is a problem that will only get worse. The reason, says the old curmudgeon, Henry Pierrepont, is the laziness and selfishness that resides in the human brain. He writes as follows: … Full Article

OPINION: Same-day registration boosts voter turnout

By the time the dust settles on the 2014 election and all the final absentee ballots drift in, New York state will most likely assume its regular place near the bottom of the nation's voter-turnout lists. … Full Article

OPINION: Hey buddy I’m going to work, can you spare a dime?

Maybe you’ve seen him too. Or maybe there are others like him. But he was new to me. … Full Article

OPINION: More F trains could alleviate express problem for Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill

Every few years, it seems, a call goes out to restore rush-hour express service on the F train. The last time this happened, the campaign died down after the G train, which shares part of its route with the F, was extended to Church Avenue. … Full Article

Letter to the Editor: Protect New York's waterways

In response to Steve Hindy's opinion piece, "Clean Water Rules, Important for Beer and the Economy," published in the Oct. … Full Article

OPINION: Old enough to miss the world’s crack-up

Having recently reached age 55, I look at the actuary tables and realize I have around 25 years left. As such, I no longer have to worry about many of the world’s woes that keep the medicine cabinets of 30-year-olds stocked with Xanax.      … Full Article

OPINION: Beat Ebola like Polio

My mother was 13 years old, the oldest child in her family, the day the health department nailed the quarantine notice on her front door.  … Full Article

OPINION: Protecting Brooklyn jobs, environment: Biodiesel fuel plant to open in Greenpoint

Many would be surprised to learn that the oil used to cook french fries can be turned into a safer fuel that can supply diesel vehicles. By spring 2015, we expect to open New York City’s first large scale biodiesel fuel production facility in Greenpoint. … Full Article


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