The late Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once said that the most important office in the land is that of private citizen. Why would Justice Brandeis make this remark? … Full Article

OPINION: NY City Council must do more for public schools

Last week, New York 's City Council overwhelmingly voted to pass Intro 065, a bill that will funnel $19.8 million of public money to private and religious schools for the purpose of hiring security guards. … Full Article

OPINION: Obamacare is a step forward, but it could be better

When the Affordable Care Act (ACA), popularly known as Obamacare, was passed into law, its detractors railed against it as though it were the devil incarnate. Many of its supporters, on the other hand, hailed it as a revolutionary change that would transform American health care for the better. … Full Article

OPINION: City, courts must crack down on unsafe drivers

On Sunday, a preventable tragedy occurred just blocks from our homes when a man at the wheel of an SUV drove onto a Fort Greene sidewalk, plowing into a group of pedestrians. Victoria Nicodemus was killed in the crash, and four others were injured. … Full Article

OPINION: Greater New York Red Cross offers thanks

This Thanksgiving, I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude to the incredible people who fulfill the mission of the Red Cross in this region and beyond. The breadth of their service is awe-inspiring: they enable the Red Cross to provide immediate relief here in Greater New York following approxima … Full Article

OPINION: The St. Francis approach to ending the tobacco epidemic

How do you make a 40 year old public health message relatable to young people? How do you inform young people that the lies told to them by Big Tobacco about vaping and e-cigarettes today are mirror images of the lies their grandparents were told by Big Tobacco decades ago? … Full Article

OPINION: Standing together against terror

The attacks in Beirut, Paris, Gush Etzion, Tel Aviv and Bamako have something at their core in common: an abiding hatred for humanity. … Full Article

OPINION: When I'm hearing the voice of God, why does she sound like a man?

Im a 21-year-old woman and I have a mans voice in my head. I noticed it only recently. … Full Article

OPINION: Papal encyclical on climate change has impact beyond Catholicism

Editor’s Note: The following editorial is part of a series on how Catholics and the wider community are living out the messages that Pope Francis preached during his visit to the U.S. in September. … Full Article

Review & Comment: Pier 6 out of scale, let Big Bill step forward and take the heat

It is clear that the rebel forces who oppose a larger housing package on Pier 6, brought about by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s mandated “affordable” quotas, are not going away. … Full Article

OPINION: NYC Reads 365 encourages growing bookworms

In one way or another, as loved ones and guardians, we have so much to offer that can inspire our children to love reading. Some of my most treasured memories include listening to my father’s stories about his native country Spain. … Full Article


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