This website recently carried an article by Paula Katinas about a resolution by several City Council members, including several from Brooklyn, proposing sweeping reforms to the process of rec … Full Article

OPINION: Raising NYC’s Minimum Wage: A call to action

As New York City’s economy recovers from the recession, thousands of working families in Brooklyn and the other boroughs face a grim reality: Although one of their members might have a full-time job, the weekly wages they earn are not nearly enough to make ends meet. … Full Article

OPINION: Inanimate objects react to the snow

New York City
By now, we’re all used to weather reports predicting heavy snowfall. This has happened maybe five or six times this winter, and there’s probably more to come. We know how people feel about the snow. But how do inanimate objects feel about it? … Full Article

Smartphone app makes diagnosis in 'cell,' latest novel by acclaimed Brooklynite

Acclaimed author Robin Cook, a native Brooklynite, has been entertaining medical thriller fans for decades, but he does much more with his latest novel, "Cell” (Putnam). … Full Article

OPINION: Making Valentine’s Day more meaningful

Valentine’s Day, it seems, has all the trappings of a made-up Hallmark holiday. It’s a holiday created purely to encourage us to go out and give our money to a few select industries: greeting cards, candy, roses, restaurants, etc. … Full Article

OPINION: BHA says LICH proposals small on square footage, big on unsubstantiated claims

Cobble Hill
SUNY’s last minute RFP amendment brought out some known brides with new grooms, or perhaps the brides just changed gowns. … Full Article

OPINION: Looking back at the Beatles and what made them so great

The big event of the week for many people was Sunday night’s CBS-TV special, starring Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and a host of other musicians, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ first appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Pundits looking back at the original 1964 event hailed … Full Article

OPINION: Comparing de Blasio and LaGuardia

New York City
It is tempting to make a comparison between 1930s and ‘40s-era Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia and new Mayor Bill de Blasio. … Full Article

OPINION: Low minimum wage is bad for business

As a small business owner myself, I don’t see the logic in business people arguing against increasing the minimum wage. … Full Article

OPINION: Urgent care centers: what is their place?

Brooklyn Boro
One of the charges against the various plans for Long Island College Hospital (LICH) by supporters of the hospital is that they would be just a “glorified urgent care center.” Even the planned standalone emergency rooms, which I wrote about last week, are often derided as being more similar to ur … Full Article

OPINION: Freestanding emergency rooms: advice from a former asthma patient

Cobble Hill
Recently, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported on two proposals for the troubled Long Island College Hospital: The Fortis-NYU-Lutheran plan and … Full Article


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