The Brooklyn Eagle enthusiastically backs an idea by readers to temporarily move the classic stone friezes currently gracing the façade of the Brooklyn Heights Library to the Brooklyn Museum … Full Article

OPINION: Police want Amazon Echo to help solve a murder. Should it?

As part of an ongoing murder investigation, police and prosecutors in Bentonville, Arkansas have issued a warrant for Amazon to hand over any records or audio recordings from an Amazon Echo belonging to James Andrew Bates — the suspected killer.  … Full Article

OPINION: New Year’s Resolutions have a tragic history

If your New Years resolutions crash and burn, dont despair. … Full Article

OPINION: Fear of gun incidents; They empty malls, but can they help gun control arguments?

A number of post-Christmas incidents involving reported gun threats might become an effective tool — even though some of the reports were false — in illustrating to legislators the growing fear of guns in a society that has yet to figure out how to control the safety factors. … Full Article

OPINION: End heroin’s devastation in 2017

I didn’t know the young man well — I’d hired him to do some handyman work around my house — but it was awfully unpleasant to learn that he died at 24 with a needle in his arm. … Full Article

OPINION: Finding alternatives to solitary confinement

The practice goes by many names: Restrictive housing, administrative segregation, secure housing, lockdown or, more informally, being put into “the hole.” Most people would recognize it as “solitary confinement” — placing prisoners alone in small cells with little or no human contact 22 or  … Full Article

OPINION: The push to help 50,000 more low-income students get degrees

On paper, Jorge Salcedo looked like a great candidate for a highly selective college. But, like many of his high school friends in Fishers, Indiana, he assumed he’d be attending the local community college. That’s what his Mexican-immigrant parents could afford. … Full Article

OPINION: Will a Tesla rival win the race to offer self-driving cars?

An upstart electric carmaker plans to release by late 2018 a luxury sedan capable of reaching 400 miles on a single charge and driving itself. … Full Article

OPINION: Ivanka Trump, a First Daughter with the office of First Lady?

Ivanka Trump is expected to play a prominent role in the White House, as incoming first lady Melania Trump plans to live at home in New York City while her 10-year-old son remains in school. … Full Article

Brooklyn Queens Connector: To build a trolley, or not

Knicks Player, Red Hook Native Carmelo Anthony Endorses BQX … Full Article

OPINION: Winning the war of ideas

An honest idea quietly delivered can seem wimpy. No cinematic superhero, to my knowledge, vanquishes villains with a well-reasoned argument. … Full Article


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