OPINION: Pearl Harbor deserves more than just a day

With every passing year, Pearl Harbor Day leaves us with a stark reminder that the number of World War II veterans is dwindling rapidly. … Full Article

OPINION: Follow your DREAM

The sunlight came in through the shades, shaking me from my dream. But as a 6-year-old, that just meant Saturday morning cartoons. I sprang up and dashed to the living room. As I turned on the television, there he was : a blue-and-red blur flying across the screen. … Full Article

OPINION: Subway elevators and escalators, nowhere to go but up

The topic of elevators in the subway system has often been a sore spot for the disabled community. It most recently surfaced as a hot issue when the Prospect Avenue, 53rd Street and Bay Ridge Avenue stations on the R line were renovated, but no elevators were installed. … Full Article

OPINION: POISONOUS PIPES: A call for action in our city schools

With so many hot-bed issues facing New York City schools and children today, lead poisoning is certainly one that can easily get pushed to the back burner. … Full Article

OPINION: Politicization of the public good

As Congress struggles to enact legislation that will bring tax relief to the rich and decimate healthcare for the not-so-rich, another battle is brewing beneath the Swamp; the never-ending struggle to decimate the lusterless policies that affect the lives of ordinary Americans. … Full Article

OPINION: No means no

An avalanche of revelations concerning public figures engaging in various sexual assaults has tumbled down upon our heads, and the airwaves are consumed with accusations, recriminations, equivocations and ethical gyrations, not to mention the threat of career annihilations. … Full Article

OPINION: The global spread of a culture of integrity

One of the surprising news events of 2017 was the arrest of more than 200 prominent people in Saudi Arabia for corruption. The roundup on Nov. 4 even included powerful princes within the ruling royal family. … Full Article

OPINION: Be thankful if you don't take a drumstick to the noggin

"Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday of the year. Now I can't wait for it to be over."

"Your sentiments reflect the findings of a new working paper by M. … Full Article

OPINION: Why NYC’s future depends on electric buses

When the L train in New York City shuts down in 2019 for 15 months, car and bus traffic will significantly increase the carbon footprint. … Full Article


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