A protester who is accused of beating up a Brooklyn Jewish communal leader after a basketball game at Barclays Center was once the victim of police violence, according to news reports from la … Full Article

OPINION: Survivors of fallen join in dedicating 9/11 Museum

After more than a decade of planning and development, the National September 11 Memorial Museum was dedicated this month. … Full Article

OPINION: We must stop heroin from destroying New York’s communities again

Communities throughout New York City and across the state are all grappling with the same struggle—how do we confront the heroin crisis that is ruining lives, destroying families and crippling communities? … Full Article

OPINION: Another viewpoint on Brooklyn Bridge Park

The continuing fight over the luxury residential buildings planned for Brooklyn Bridge Park—the latest installment of which will be the two towers planned for the Pier 6 area, as covered in an article in this paper yesterday—is sort of missing the point. … Full Article

OPINION: Observer tackles Brooklyn

The New York Observer has focused its latest issue on Brooklyn. Its front page carries the New York Observer logo, but the words “New York” are crossed out and “Brooklyn” is written above it. … Full Article

OPINION: Food versus fuel

Food costs could jump 3.5 percent by year’s end, according to recently released data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while New Yorkers continue to face more costly trips to the grocery store as prices for produce, meat, poultry, fish and dairy rise. … Full Article

OPINION: ReBar disaster brings out best in Brooklyn community

By now, everyone knows that reBar in DUMBO suddenly closed on Friday morning, with the owner doing a disappearing act and many couples who had paid money to hold weddings there being left out in the cold. … Full Article

OPINION: LICH players should act fast to prevent deterioration

The way things are now, with lawsuits and counter-suits, only a miracle can prevent SUNY from closing Long Island College Hospital on May 22. And if the past can ever serve as a guide, it could be vacant for months, maybe even a year or so, before a solution is reached. … Full Article

OPINION: What’s behind FDA rules on e-cigarettes

With lofty ambition, the U.S. Surgeon General set a national goal this past January: Protect all “future generations” of Americans from taking up smoking of any kind. On Thursday, the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took a big step toward that aim. … Full Article

OPINION: Are test boycotts a growing trend?

A recent incident at International High School at Prospect Heights, covered in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, in which teachers at the school refused to administer a city-mandated writing test could be a sign of things to come. … Full Article

OPINION: What the frack? New Yorkers demand energy, yet stall

Today, new technologies for unlocking natural gas have revolutionized the industry. … Full Article


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