This website recently carried an article by Paula Katinas about a resolution by several City Council members, including several from Brooklyn, proposing sweeping reforms to the process of rec … Full Article

OPINION: The real truth about Menachem Stark and Hasidic culture

Shiva has just ended for the Stark family and the media frenzy has moved on to new targets. We have not. The horrific abduction and murder of Menachem Stark continues to shock our entire community to its core, and rightfully so.  … Full Article

OPINION: Marijuana’s going legal, and nobody's making a fuss!

This week, Governor Cuomo is expected to announce a plan to introduce legal medical marijuana in New York State. … Full Article

Opinion: New mayor, same problems

New York City
This is a time of transition in New York City government. A 12-year period of relative tranquility is ending and a newly elected administration is starting in. … Full Article

OPINION: Time to fix State Labor Department’s way of dealing with part-time workers

BROOKLYN — How many days a week do most people work? Five.  … Full Article

OPINION: Give loved ones a virtual piece of the New York Aquarium for the holidays

Coney Island
What do you give the animal lovers, environmentalists and conservation-minded individuals on your holiday list? … Full Article

OPINION: Reflections on Marty Markowitz

Within days, Marty Markowitz will no longer be borough president. … Full Article

OPINION: Jean Shepherd and 'A Christmas Story'

New York City
It’s Christmas time, and once again we’re treated to showings of the holiday favorite “A Christmas Story.” The film has become so much a classic that it’s been turned into a Broadway play, and the house in Cleveland that was used as the Parker family’s house has been t … Full Article

OPINION: Yes, smoking is bad, but smokers shouldn’t be demonized

New York City
One of Mayor Bloomberg’s most lasting legacies has been his crusade against tobacco use and cigarette smoking. … Full Article

OPINION: Brooklyn presidential visit showcases technology growth

President Obama's recent visit to P-TECH, a groundbreaking technical high school/college program in Brooklyn, clearly illustrates an expanding hi-tech curriculum for America's students and confidence in the continuing growth of the hi-tech industry. … Full Article

OPINION: Student data has value

In the latest controversy seeming to arise from the state's implementation of the Common Core Standards, some parents, educators and politicians are questioning the state's affiliation with an Atlanta-based nonprofit that is collecting and organizing a lot of data on public and charter scho … Full Article


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