Not too long ago, an anonymous commenter on one of my columns concluded that I took my stance on a particular issue because I "hate conservatives."
 … Full Article

OPINION: A Valentine's Day victim of Victoria's Secret

As Valentine's Day approached this year, I was at a loss regarding how to surprise my wife with a gift that would truly show my love and appreciation to her for not smothering me in my sleep. … Full Article

OPINION: A tough look at American democracy

Throughout the course of human history, no population has been immune to the disorienting effects of internal strife. … Full Article

OPINION: New study finds Brooklyn’s 132,000 healthcare workers have among the city’s worst commutes

A new report by the Center for an Urban Future finds that Brooklyn residents working in the healthcare sector — the borough’s largest industry — have among the worst transit commutes in New York City.

 … Full Article

OPINION: Schools should support the whole child

Providing high-quality academics and meeting the social-emotional needs of children go hand in hand. You simply can’t have one without the other. During every step of my career — from teacher to principal to superintendent — I’ve prioritized instruction and emotional supports. … Full Article

OPINION: The false choice between the Dreamers and the military

While it is a pleasant surprise that last weekend's shutdown was resolved so quickly, there is hardly time for a sigh of relief. … Full Article

OPINION: Local CPAs, attorney weigh in on new tax law

At the end of last year, President Donald Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Job Acts Bill. The bill, which is not very popular in Brooklyn, a Democratic stronghold, is the most comprehensive piece of legislation yet signed by the Trump administration. … Full Article

OPINION: Hey, feds, take your ethanol mandate and shovel it!

My back is sore from shoveling snow — and it's the federal government's fault. Maybe I'd better explain. … Full Article

OPINION: Michael Wolff's book “Fire And Fury” resonates because Trump keeps confirming it

Nobody is more stunned about the stratospheric sales of "Fire and Fury" than the guy who wrote it.

Michael Wolff and I were talking backstage prior to his gig on Tuesday night at the Free L
 … Full Article

OPINION: 3 major ways financial illiteracy is harming Americans

America is consumed with higher education — going to college and earning a degree — as the necessary means to a well-paying job. … Full Article


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