OPINION: Has killing 70,000 birds made airline flights safer in NYC?

Eight years ago on Jan. 15, pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger flew into a flock of large Canada geese, forcing an emergency landing in the Hudson River. … Full Article

OPINION: The Big Apple’s big drop in crime

It’s an odd question: Should police be fighting criminals — or crime? Yet in today’s law enforcement, such a distinction between action and actor is not seen as odd. … Full Article

OPINION: Greenhouse gases, ill effects on our oceans & coastal cities

The notion that greenhouse gases are warming the Earth is nothing new, as is the notion that methane — while having 23 times the heat retention capabilities of carbon dioxide — is rarer and breaks down relatively quickly. … Full Article

OPINION: Can this clothing defeat face recognition software? Tech-savvy artists experiment

Privacy-minded consumers could soon spur demand for camouflage clothing, not merely as a fashion statement, but as a matter of practicality.  … Full Article

OPINION: For immigrant 'dreamers,' an uncertain future

Allison Brady was thrilled last October when she received her second temporary employment authorization card, along with another two-year reprieve from possible deportation. … Full Article

OPINION: Study envisions ride-sharing future of transportation in NYC

Imagine a taxi-less New York City. It isn't hard to do, thanks to a new study. … Full Article

OPINION: Do new 2017 state laws hint at momentum for federal changes as well?

On Saturday, when the clock struck midnight and 2016 officially ended, many Americans were eager to see the close of a year that brought about a great deal of change throughout the political and social landscape. … Full Article

OPINION: Police want Amazon Echo to help solve a murder. Should it?

As part of an ongoing murder investigation, police and prosecutors in Bentonville, Arkansas have issued a warrant for Amazon to hand over any records or audio recordings from an Amazon Echo belonging to James Andrew Bates — the suspected killer.  … Full Article

OPINION: New Year’s Resolutions have a tragic history

If your New Years resolutions crash and burn, dont despair. … Full Article

OPINION: Fear of gun incidents; They empty malls, but can they help gun control arguments?

A number of post-Christmas incidents involving reported gun threats might become an effective tool — even though some of the reports were false — in illustrating to legislators the growing fear of guns in a society that has yet to figure out how to control the safety factors. … Full Article


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