As chancellor, I love talking to our students and parents at community meetings, forums, town halls and even in the grocery store — and I hear the same message time and again: every parent wa … Full Article

OPINION: What are you, a girl?

I’m on a supermarket checkout line, standing behind a man of perhaps 35 and, I assume, his son, who appears to be about 6. The little boy is not happy. Actually, he’s crying — not sniffling, not wailing — just audibly crying. … Full Article

Letter to the Editor: Brooklyn sex offender gets light sentence

This letter was written in response to John Marzulli’s article titled, “Brooklyn Sex Offender Gets Light Sentence for Molesting Eight Victims as Judge Sympathizes with his Mental Illness,”  published in the New York Daily News on Jan. 7, 2015. … Full Article

OPINION: Today Paris, tomorrow the world, extreme political correctness is lethal

Despite the obvious nature of last week’s terror attacks in Paris, it took quite some time before the media even felt comfortable calling the attackers terrorists. … Full Article

OPINION: A call for prayer, peace in time of citywide crisis

During this time of crises in our city, Mayor de Blasio is under severe attack, deepening the crises. Join us at City Hall as we pray for the Mayor, his family, the city, and that justice, peace and prosperity might prevail.   … Full Article

OPINION: My Selma revelation

As a 55-year-old Jewish Brooklynite I need constant reminding about the injustices that law enforcement has dished out to African-Americans. … Full Article

OPINION: The battle of colors: #BlackLivesMatter vs. #BlueLivesMatter and Brooklyn

Two police officers left home this past Saturday expecting to return to their wives and families. They were focused on their beat in Bedford-Stuyvesant that day.  … Full Article

OPINION: Reject fracking, protect health in 2015

What better gift could Governor Cuomo have given the citizens of New York this holiday season than the assurance that the dirty drilling practice known as fracking will not be coming to the Empire State? … Full Article

Letter to the Editor: Remembering Sandy Hook and taking action

On Dec. 14, Americans will remember the 20 children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary whose lives were taken by a heavily armed man just two years ago. Many will light candles and send their thoughts and prayers. … Full Article

OPINION: Street trees, not just for gentrifiers

Hana Schank, who wrote the semi-humorous essay about tree pits in front of houses titled “A Story About Gentrification in Brooklyn,” in the New York Times recently, should know that tree pits are neither symbols of gentrification nor as trivial as she makes them ou … Full Article

OPINION: An opportunity for our youth to join public service

We often hear about the apathy of our youth in government and politics. Indeed, those between 18 and 25 years old vote the least among any other age group. … Full Article


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