Like generations of American children before me and most likely after me, I met Atticus in the “tired old town” of Maycomb, Alabama, through a required reading assignment. … Full Article

OPINION: 'Atticus Finch' tackles tough questions about an American icon

Like generations of American children before me and most likely after me, I met Atticus in the “tired old town” of Maycomb, Alabama, through a required reading assignment. In Maycomb, rainy weather turned the streets to red slop and grass grew on the sidewalks. … Full Article

OPINION: When the humanities meet Big Data

Being a voracious reader is a prerequisite for academics in the humanities, but even the most dedicated bookworm needs to eat, sleep and socialize. … Full Article

OPINION: The cost of delay is approaching the size of the nation’s entire infrastructure backlog

Common Good released an update yesterday of its 2015 report “Two Years, Not Ten Years” revealing that the cost of delay in rebuilding America’s infrastructure has grown in five years from about $3.7 trillion to nearly $3.9 trillion. … Full Article

OPINION: 10 best books of May, The Monitor's picks

1. "The Soul of America," by Jon Meacham — Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Jon Meacham canvasses American history for moments of division and strife. … Full Article

OPINION: The time for Little Haiti Brooklyn has come

There are 190,718 Haitians living in New York state, 156,000 of whom live in New York City. Outside of Haiti, New York possesses the highest concentration of Haitians in the country. … Full Article

OPINION: A rebuke from a much gentler age

 This is a story of road rage gone good.

The incident happened long ago and was unremarkable in and of itself. It was even forgettable – but for Captain Crosby’s reaction to it. … Full Article

OPINION: Leaking isn’t unique to Trump White House

News leaks have bedeviled many U.S. presidential administrations. Teddy Roosevelt loved dropping the press tidbits but was shocked when they weren’t printed verbatim. Richard Nixon hated leaks and formed an internal anti-leak Plumbers team, inadvertently leading to Watergate abuses. … Full Article

OPINION: The growing art of American cursing

Get this: the average American can't get through the day without cursing. So is the finding of a recent 9Round Kickbox Fitness survey, as reported in the New York Post. … Full Article

OPINION: The constitutional work-around for term limits

I've always wondered why the National Education Association (NEA) and the country club conservatives in the Republican House and Senate leadership aren't allies, instead of enemies. … Full Article

OPINION: Neglected Northeast Brooklyn needs a transit fix

In all of the articles published during the past few years about the looming shutdown of the L train’s tunnel from Brooklyn to Manhattan starting in April 2019, few writers have mentioned that the L will continue to run from Bedford Avenue east to Canarsie-Rockaway Parkway or what the shutd … Full Article


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